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About Us

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When my husband died suddenly, I was devastated. Eric was a wonderful, loving man. Afterwards, I could barely function, much less cook a healthy meal for our young kids, keep in touch with family, or make sense of the avalanche of issues with bank accounts, probate court, life insurance, and Social Security that seemed to grow every minute.

We created Light Path Ahead to help you protect your family and avoid passing financial burden and administrative headaches to your loved ones. In our experience, any minute you spend taking these important planning steps - and discussing these matters with your family - will save them hours of headaches and hassles should something happen to you.

There's no time like today to act.

Martha Blue, Co-Founder

Our Company

LightPath Apps creates tools to help people thrive when planning for or responding to life's most important events. These tools include Light Path Ahead and Light After Loss, which helps families respond to the death of a loved one. We are based in Washington, D.C.

Our Team

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Charles Moore
Co-Founder and CEO
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My goal for Light After Loss is to help people who are grieving to spend less time tracking down answers to administrative questions and more time on what really matters: being with, supporting, and being comforted by loved ones.

Charles is a former consultant who happens to irrationally love checklists. He leads the design and development of the site.

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Martha Blue
Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer
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My goal is that no one else has to experience the unnecessary fear, frustration, and anxiety that I felt when trying to figure everything out after Eric died.

Martha - when she's not filling a “servant as leader” and project management role for her two kids, dog, and mother - leads our marketing and outreach efforts.

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LightPath Apps
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