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Map to My Life

"It's got everything you need to think of. ...I think everyone should look at this, that's for sure. Because this is the kind of stuff that stresses a family member out when they're already missing you"

— Karen T.

Download the template and document all of the information that your loved ones would need to handle your affairs.
We do not save any of your information. [1]

Map to My Life Versions

  • Comprehensive
  • Expanded fields, more details
    • Space for social media and technology access, funeral preferences, and more contacts
    • As little as 45 minutes to complete
    • Type directly into the form and save it on your computer
  • Download
  • Customizable
  • Fit to your needs
  • As little as 60 minutes to complete
    • Delete fields and add more of your own.
    • Copy and paste in the text of important documents or other records
    • As little as 45 minutes to complete
  • Download
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[1] If you open the PDF in the browser, you must still save it to your local computer. To protect your privacy, none of the information you enter will be saved on our servers. To avoid losing any work (e.g., accidentally closing the browser window before saving), we strongly recommend that you save the Map to your computer before starting to complete it.

[2] If you came to Light Path Ahead through your employer or a partner organization, please email us for your free Comprehensive or Customizable Map to My Life.

How to Complete the Map

1. Fill out

Don't let the details stop you from getting to a good first draft. Fill in all of the information you know first. Then come back and fill in any details that you needed to skip or look up (e.g., account numbers, dates).

2. Store

Store the Map in a secure location and only share with those you trust, as you may include sensitive information such as your Social Security number. (We will never hold any of your sensitive information.)

3. Discuss

When you are done, discuss the Map with your executor and other loved ones, so that they understand your preferences.

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